Facial Soap


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Nutrient rich rose hip is high in vitamin C, antioxidants and has anti-aging properties. Give your skin the natural glow you've been looking for.

Choose from 2.8oz scented or 1.7oz round unscented or scented.

Ingredients: Olive oil, infused water (rose hip and hibiscus), coconut oil, organic unrefined shea butter, sodium hydroxide, avocado butter(or oil), castor oil, rose hip oil (organic when available), essential oil blend (lavender, tea tree), ground rose hips, french green clay and hibiscus powder.

Rose Clay soap ingredients contain same oils as above but with rose clay, honey, rose absolute blend and ylang ylang essential oils.

Because our soap is handmade, each bar is unique and will vary in size and shape. * Tip: After use let soap dry between uses for extended use.

*** No Sodium Hydroxide is left in final product. Since we use no chemicals or numbing agents please keep away from eyes as this may sting eyes temporarily.

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